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Oodles of Doodles!

You love 'em, we groom 'em!
Due to the popularity of doodles in our clientele base, we felt the need to dedicate a special page for our doodle owners out there! Our clients love their doodles and we do too! We have experienced groomers who have styled doodles of all kinds!

Doodle Grooming Prices

**actual prices may vary depending upon other factors**

Small Doodles starting at $70

Large doodles starting at $120

Every doodle and their style is unique! Please call the shop or bring your pup by for a grooming estimate specific to your pup!


**All of the prices above include a deshedding conditioner treatment. We are now requiring this upgrade for all of our doodle clients staying in a long cut. It alleviates the labor of grooming for your dog, us, and you! Prices may vary for shave downs.**

Doodle Gallery

Matted Doodle Policy

We understand. Sometimes all that hair is hard to keep up with. It can be difficult to keep up with the daily brushing and combing required to keep your doodle fluffy, but we are here to help. If the matting on your dog is past the point of a good conditioning treatment and brush out, the safest and most humane way to proceed is to shave them down and start fresh. Our groomers are experienced in making sure your dog is comfortable during this process, and work slowly to prevent hematomas. You will be given a Matted Release Form to sign at check-in that details what to expect after shaving a pelted coat. We truly want what is best for you and your dog, and will not shave your doodle unless it is necessary, or what you asked for!

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