Flea and Tick 

Lady petting black lab

Here at Bark, we know fleas happen, and how stressful an infestation can be.

We are here to help!


All pets who come in with fleas will be treated to an all natural flea bath. This will kill all fleas currently on your pet and soothe itchy skin. This is a great first step in your pet's comfort, but offers NO LASTING PROTECTION. 

*If your pet comes in with fleas, this is not a optional service and will be added to the total price of your bath or groom. 
Under 20lbs           $5
20-50lbs                $10
Over 50lbs             $15


We also offer treatments with Advantage. With permission, we will administer a dose that will protect your pet from fleas and ticks for one month. 


Small dog         $14

Medium dog     $16

Large dog         $18


Our preferred method of flea and tick control is the Serresto collar. This product is Advantage in collar form that delivers 8 months of continuous protection for your pet. It really works!


Small Dog           $70

Large dog           $70