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AKC Safety Certified Salon Logo

We are proud to be Athens first and only AKC Safety-Certified Salon 

Our cage driers circulate  room air, but DO NOT EVER use heat.

Your pet's safety is our first priority

I certify that I will follow the AKC S.A.F.E. Groomer/Salon Oath:

  1.  Pets must be handled and treated humanely; the pet's safety is top priority 

  2.  Pets cannot be left unattended on grooming tables or in tubs.

  3.  Equipment and surfaces that come in contact with the pet must be cleaned prior to reuse. 

  4.  Pets not being groomed must be secured in a crate with a door and a latch, or in a secure                        designated play area (with owner's consent).

  5.  Crates and cages must allow the pet to stand and do a full circle. 

  6.  Cage dryers, if used with owner's consent, must have working temperature gages and                            timers. 

  7.  Cage drying will only be done with equipment manufactured specifically for cage                                      drying. 

  8.  The following records must be kept on each pet; identification, medical or behavioral issues,                  allergies, intake condition, and emergency contact. 

  9.  Floors must be free of hair and water to ensure that a safe environment is maintained at all times. 

 10.  The salon must have two barriers between the grooming area and the salon exterior. 


 11.   A first aid kit and fire extinguisher are to be in plain view at all times.   

 12.  One AKC S.A.F.E. Groomer must be present during grooming hours. 

 13.  All local laws, ordinances, and building codes must be abided by at all times. 

 14.  Grooming Certificated must be displayed at all times (NDGAA, IPG, ISCC, AKC).

 15.  An AKC approved disaster plan must be in place. 

 16.  This salon agrees to be inspected by AKC at any time. 

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